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on fine art editions
a unique space for collaboration
on fine art editions
a unique space for collaboration
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etc | expanding the contemporary is an international think tank investigating the vast topic of fine art editions ( print, photography, film, video, multiple, artist book, performance art ) with a particular focus on contemporary art – our contemporary culture.

etc seeks to:

  • provide space where academic studies, artist research and artistic production are actively fostered
  • explore the complexities and possibilities connected to the medium of editions in fine art
  • widen the scope of fine art editions as a practice in contemporary visual culture

etc was founded in 2011. Established as a non-profit organisation, all financial support and proceeds are directly re-incorporated to benefit etc’s core elements: research, artist residency, artist editions and the symposium series ON LOOKING.

  • etc artistic director
  • Kathrin Beer
  • etc board members
  • Dr. Andreas Ritter
  • Martina Hauser
  • Markus Lüscher
  • Stefan Puttaert
  • etc advisory board
  • Dr. Nanni Baltzer
  • Thomi Wolfensberger